At OVAL our mission is to continually be investing Engineering Resources to keep our equipment, parts and materials at the leading edge of technology.  We do this through innovative improvements to existing machines in operation today and though the development of new machines to meet the ever changing demands of our customers specializing in the Pulp and Paper Industry.  Ovalmatic machinery continues to be the leader in the industry on machine design, operation, easy service and most importantly operational uptime.

 R & D Locations

Scientific Research and Experimental Development is carried out in our Hoquiam Washington and Fredericton New Brunswick facilities.   At these facilities the engineers employ on a technical level the most advanced manufacturing processes, expensive safety certifications, specialized embedded software, computer-aided SolidWorks design software, electronic designs and mechanical subsystems.

More Than Just Equipment

Our Ovalmatic Wire and Ovalmatic Paper Strap continue to be enhanced to highest standards available in the industry. High Carbon Baling Wire is coated with the highest performance coatings to aid in machine run ability and consistent knot performance.    Our Paper Strap is continually tested for Repulpability and break strength. Ovalmatic Paper Strap is specifically formulated to operate on the Ovalmatic E9800 strapping machine.